Nangrahar Valley Agricultural Enterprise:

Nangrahar Valley Agricultural Enterprise was founded in 1959 as a project to grow the agriculture sector of the west of Afghanistan. With agricultural land expanding to 2100 hectares, the enterprise produced 7500 tonnes of citrus much of which was exported in 1978. The enterprise employed approximately 7600 people across different sectors of its operation. Some of the main produces of the enterprise are citrus, dates, olives and a variety of vegetables. 

Since acquiring the enterprise, NDC has started working on using the arid land to grow aloe vera that would be processed and sold to international and local markets. It has also set up teams for the care and expansion of the olive farms with a plan of setting up factories to help in processing olives for their oil and packaging the olives and oil for export and local sales. It is also setting up packaging factories for vegetable produces. Imports and arrangements are being made for equipment to update the agricultural process of the enterprise.