Jabal Siraj Cement Factory:

Jabal Siraj Cement Factory was established as a private coporation in the year 1957 with an initial budget of 40 million afghani. The corporation was acquired and changed into an enterprise in 1972. Located sourth of the Hindukush mountains and at a height of 1670m, the factory has a production capacity of 100 tonnes per day of international grade cement. Most of the factory’s equipment was initially purchased from Chekslovakia, later purchases were made from Germany, Russia among other national manufacturers.

Jabal Siraj Cement Factory was the primary supplier to all national projects including construction of water reserves, roads, government buildings, bridges and factories. The cement was also exported to the neighbouring countries of Iran and Pakistan. However, due to the turbulant political and security situation of the country, the factory has not been able to produce at its previous capacity in recent years.

The National Development Corporation since acquiring the Jabal Siraj factory has worked on upgrading the equipment and facilities available at the factory to help it achieve producation rates matching the national demand for cement.