Housing Construction Enterprise:

The Directorate of Housing Construction Enterprise was founded in 1962 with an initial budget of 262 million Afghani. A factory with a coverage area of 48 hectares was established in order to produce prefabricated construction parts with a production capacity of 2500 square meters per year. The capacity of block building had increased to 610,000 square meters by 1977. The enterprise employees 5000 workers in its different operational departments.

The Housing Construction Enterprise has among its major milestones the construction of the Makroyan apartment blocks 1,2,3 and 4 totalling to 10500 living apartments. The construction of the Welfare Ministry Building, the previous Russian Embassy building and the Wazir Akbar Khan Road construction are among some of the many other milestones achieved by the enterprise.

Since the merger with NDC, the enterprise aims to upgrade its production factories to be able to produce all construction equipment at a higher rate to match the low cost and efficiency of NDC’s construction projects. It also plans on initiating housing projects that can address the national need for housing today.