Ghouri Cement Factory:

The first cement factory with a capacity of (400) tonnes started operating with the support of Czechoslovakian experts in 1962, which has since produced quality cement that has been sold locally and internationally. The second factory had a (1000) tonne capacity and is till date is the only factory in our country with high-level production, the produced cement of this factory is a portland cement with 400 mark.

The production of the factory was resumed in 1988, after four years of closure, through the help of Czechoslovakia and Vardarlow. The factory has been working on half of its capacity for twenty years under the control of Ann Ladder. The second factory was reinvigorated through a partnership with Afghan Investment. Production restarted in 2012 due that. Since Ghouri Cement’s merger into NDC, the corporation aims to not only have the quality of cement improve by 60% but its production also see a 500% rise