A 100-bed hospital in response to the COVID-19 virus outbreak has been successfully constructed in the province of Herat within the span of 21 days. Herat was not only the first province to report COVID-19 cases but has now turned into the epicenter of the virus in Afghanistan. The groundbreaking of the hospital was done on the 17th of February with a plan of completion for 30 days but with a team of engineers and workers expanding to the number of 350, the National Development Corporation team managed to deliver the infrastructure within 21 days. 

The cover area of the hospital is 2068 meter squared comprising of 24 four-bed patient rooms along with 12 single-bed patient rooms and 14 administrative rooms that will serve as x-ray room, operation theatre, intensive care unit, emergency room, blood bank, pharmacy, and laboratory.

The project of the hospital was completed through the expertise of the Bana’i Construction Department of the corporation. And the corporation aims to build seven other hospitals in the provinces of Nimroz, Farah, and Kabul through the day and night shifts in order to reach completion within ten days. These projects are at 70% completion for now. 

The fundamental purpose behind the establishment of the National Development Corporation was to modernize and mechanize the current national operations so that it could achieve a high standard of implementation of projects and construction of infrastructure. Keeping its expertise in mind the directives of the constructions were given to the NDC by his Excellency Ashraf Ghani as part of his plan to fight the COVID-19 outbreak.