Banayee Construction Enterprise:

Banayee Construction Enterprise was founded in 1967 as an organ to implement government related infrastructure construction projects.  The enterprise started work with an initial assets worth 500 million Afghani. Despite being affected by the civil war during the 90’s, the current government helped in reviving and developing the enterprises’ aims, goals, vision and mission and brought them under the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing in order to help Banayee overcome challenges, and create effective and efficient policies.

Banayee Construction restored national historical sites including but not limited to Darul-Aman, Jabl Saraj, Paghman, Ameer Shaheed, Bagh Shahi palaces, the work being completed at extremely competitive costs is one of Banayee’s achievements. Since being merged into NDC, the Banayee team has been central to all construction projects undertaken by the corporation.