Originally a branch of Helmad Construction Enterprise, the Afghan Construction Enterprise was given its own separate entity status in 1965 with an initial budget of 100 million Afghani. The enterprise at its peak not only employed 2400 engineers, designers, and management staff but also employed close to twenty thousand contractual employees in its production factories and its project construction units. With multiple workshops, Afghan Construction would produce most of its required parts for construction in its production plants across four different provinces in the country. The overall annual profit of the enterprise ranged up to 400 million Afghani.

Among the major milestone projects of the enterprise is the construction of the 18 story Ministry of Telecommunication headquarter, the 14 story Pamir Cinema building, the Silo buildings built across the country, the Intercontinental Hotel of Kabul, and the Marmareen palace in the Presidential Palace. The enterprise has also been engaged in renovating historical sites such as mosques and palaces across the country. NDC plans on using the Afghan Construction Directorate as a fundamental implementation unit for its infrastructural projects for the country.