Our Mission Statement

The basic philosophy of NDC is to make full use of our expertise to provide solutions that correspond to problems faced by our nation. Our work is inline with national development frameworks set by the national sector. We believe true development can only be achieved through cooperation rather than competition with regional and national sectors. Ethical and transparent work that not only finds an equilibrium between scope, cost and time but also guarantees high levels of partner satisfaction is our central work philosophy. Our for-profit nature shall never be at odds with our nation building mission.


A major part of NDC's operations, the company prides itself in infrastructure it has erected in the country and with it boost the country's development.

Excellence Driven

NDC has built dams, roads, hospitals, mosques, guesthouses, and palaces around the country, it has also renovated historical sites


NDC plans on reinvigorating the production industry of the country in order to limit import dependence and develop local industries.

Quality Guaranteed

The corporation plans on producing most of the material used in construction. It also intends to address the national market needs for different products.


Afghanistan’s rich natural resource reserve has never truly been tapped. NDC aims to unlock this potential to realize its poverty-free dream for the.

Honest Dedication

NDC plans on streamlining the coal, hydro-power and energy equipment industries in the country to reach international standards and beyond.


As the main economic sector of the country, NDC is engaged in reviving different produce and industries to help the country achieve self-sufficiency.

Mechanized Modernization

NDC wants to lead the countries agricultural revolution especially in the agribusiness and agro-industrial sectors.


Explore Recent Work

List of recent work that have been done by National Development Company, that includes Historical ,Commercial and Residential buildings, eg; Darulama historical palace, Estalif Guesting House and Haram Sara.

Our Core Values

The basis work of the National Development Company that includes; Quality, Efficiency, and Sustainability

Latest News

The most popular news about National Development Company and it’s enterprises.


Trusted Enterprises

Here it is a list of trusted enterprises we have, that includes several caregories of enterprises, eg; construction, cement, housing and more.